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We have more than 250 units of Computers, Notebooks, PCs and Server, each study bedroom in our residence halls and school rooms are equipped with an access facilities, enabling students to connect to the campus network


·      Library


Ma,had Al-Zaytun library hold over 25000 volumes in Islamic studies, general studies, social and politics, applied sciences and information technologies, videos and audio visual materials, we have also multi media equipments for documentation and recording purposes for all students and staffs activities, and will be transferred to CDROM


·      Language Laboratory


We  have a languages support service for students , staffs and teachers, whose first language is not English, Arabic,Japan, French, Mandarin, Persia, including Language laboratory free for all


·      Applied Sciences laboratory


We have also on site and in site applied sciences laboratories, in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Integrated field laboratory for integrated agriculture student’s practicum, as well as food and beverage, Islamic Architectural laboratories. Currently we have more than 2000 species of Animals and plantation


·      Sport Centre


Ma’had Al-Zaytun has an excellent facilities of sports centres, including Swimming pool on site both for men and women, our sports facilities are international olympic standard, situated on 6.5 hectares special space


·      Al-Hayat Mosque


Al-Hayat Mosque is the centre of students, staffs, and teachers activities.The first 5000 square metres two floors Mosque, located near Al-Islah Hotel, completed 1999, the second Mosque currently under construction, and will be finished in 2003, the six floors Mosque named “ RAHMATAN LIL-ALAMIN” , financed by Muslim and another believers, through the world


·      Other Facilities


Ma’had Al-Zaytun has its own Restaurants for Students and Visitors,Department store, Post Office, Telephone Office, Barber Shop, Hospital and local transportation with more than 50 units Bus,Sedans, Minibuses


1 million US Dollars Laundry and Kitchent sets  are the biggest Facilities in Indonesia, which has been sold by Electro Lux Pt Ltd Sweden


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