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Ma’had Al-Zaytun is operated by YPI Foundation, established as non profit organization 1994  by the Founding

1.      KH. Syarwani, F Prof BTM, F IMS, F I MANF ( Ma’had Al-Zaytun)

2.      Haji Imam Supriyanto SH, MBA, ( in Auckland, New Zealand)

3.      Haji Imam Prawoto, BBA, MBA, F Prof BTM,  ( in Vancouver, Canada)

4.      Haji Ahmad Prawiro Utomo,B.Ed .MBA ( in London. UK)

Ma,had Al-Zaytun managed by The Grand Chancellor Syaykh AS Panji Gumilang and His staffs, who is responsible for Ma,had Al-Zaytun Educational progress and development, and the top decision maker for Educational Institution and YPI Foundation, currently we have more than 3000 full time workers, 250 staffs ,50 midle managers, 12 top managers  :

1.      Ustadh R.Stabith

2.      Ustadh Abdel Haleem

3.      Ustadh Abdel Jabbar

4.      Ustahd  Iskandar Saifullah

5.      Ustadh Taufiq Abdullah

6.      Ustadh Abu Hanifah

7.      Ustadh Dja’far Alsubani,Drs

8.      Ustadh Idris

9.      Ustadh Abdel Qodir,MBA

10.  Ustadh Fathan Mubina,Drs

11.  Ustadh Abu Muslim

12.  Ustadh  Abu Fathir SH

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