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The Center Of Education, Peace and Tolerance development



Ma’had Al-Zaytun located in Indramayu, West Java, Indonesia, 3.5  (three and half hours from Jakarta) by driving and 2 hours by train, was founded in 1994, and operated by The Foundation of Pesantren Indonesia (YPI).It was  officially opened by Prof.Dr.Ing.Bacharuddin Yusuf Habibie, on 27th August 1999.


Although a newcomer, but we become an alternative educational Institution in Indonesia . This is not only because of our modern and clean Campus but most importantly because of the education quality which we offers.



Ma’had Al-Zaytun Campus located at Mekarjaya Village, under district of Haerguelis, Indramayu, West Java, situated on 1400 hectares beautiful parkland. 200 hectares for Al-Zaytun main Campus, whilst 1200 hectares for supporting areas, used as Field Integrated Agricultural laboratories, such as Aquaculture, Horticulture, Animal food and nutrition, livestock (Fattening and breeding), including small Industries workshops.


Main Objective


We aim to excel in education and teaching, preparing our students for professional life in the next Civil societies (Masyarakat madani). We hope that our graduates will become Indonesian new era leaders in the future


Number Of Students


Currently we have 5500 Secondary School level’s students, 333 Technical College students, and 2900 full time workers as a part time students, represented primarily on Islamic and Vocational Courses


Ma,had Al-Zaytun students comes from 26 Indonesian provinces, the State of Timor Lorosae, Malaysia, and we plan to enroll 2000 new students yearly, for Secondary School and Technical College levels, for 2001 academic year we have received more than 2000 applicants from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Philippines


Agents and Representatives


For student recruitment we have Official agencies in 26 Provinces, Kuala Lumpur, Sabah Malaysia, and Singapore, our agencies responsible are not restricted merely  to recruit students, they  also act as our public relation arms


 In the very near future we plan to establish 324  Ma,had Asas”,(Foundation programs),  which offers a primary school level with modern educational methods, and will become our main resources for students recruitment. The first Ma’had Asas which currently under constructions are The Ma’had Asas in District of Gresik East Java, District of Subang West Java Republic of Indonesia


Teaching Methods


Teaching is done primarily in Indonesian language at Ma’had Al-Zaytun, There are however, also courses taught in English and Arabic, especially at second until six years class of Secondary school


Tuition fees


All program of studies at Ma,had Al-Zaytun are free of charge, except the first refundable of 1500 US Dollars, for secondary school students. The amount is enough for 1-year cost of study and life, the next 5 years and 4 years for their degree program duration is our responsibility. We need more than 100 US dollars each students per month, or approximately  5.000.000 US Dollars for all  students yearly


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