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Program of Studies


The Indonesian Education system divided into three main areas: 


The technical and further education or vocational level is within tertiary sector. In Indonesia called Diploma Program (D I – D III depending on the study duration), but the diploma is not University degree. Ma’had Al-Zaytun has its own system of educational, as illustrated in the following :

Ma’had Al-Zaytun offers Secondary school and Technical College levels, The University level will be established within three years, we planned to offer courses by distance learning for mature students in Indonesia and Asian Countries, as well as language courses


Presently (2001) we have discussed seriously with two international online Language education Institution from New York USA, and Cairo Egypt, and we hope at the end of this year , our Online language courses will be established

The Secondary School of Ma’had Al-Zaytun devised into two steps:

  1. Al-Thanawiya 3 years 

  2. Al Wustho 3 years duration of study


similar with Arabian Thanwiya amma or Egyptian thanawiya amma, the certificate issued by Ma’had Al-Zaytun signed by Syaykh Al-Ma’had and the School Principal, and the Government School certificate will be issued by proctored examination conducted at Ma,had Al-Zaytun campus

The above mentioned systems, allows students to receive three certificates:

 Al – Thanawiya level

·       Ma,had Al-Zaytun Certificate

·       Mts Negeri Certificate

·       SMP Negeri Certificate

·   Al – Wustho level

·       Ma’had Al-Zaytun Certificate                                  

·       Aliah Negeri Certificate

·       SMU Negeri Certificate

To serve our 5500 students and 2500 new students yearly at Secondary School level we have 500 teachers and 150 teachers will be recruited annually, so the ratio between Teachers and Students is 1: 10, excluding Guidance and Counseling officers

The first course offered at Technical and Further Education level of Ma,had Al-Zaitun is Integrated Agriculture program, which is non-degree program with 76 first students from 26 Indonesian Provinces. We plan to offer a wide range of courses at this level of studies, devised into the following division:

·       Division of Integrated Arts and Sciences

·       Division of Building engineering

·       Division of Business and Management

The main aim of the above mentioned courses are to identify the Students skill, potential and best path toward their chosen career in a wide range of fields, in the level of      “ Para Professional “. The Course will be designed to meet the needs of Business in this global era and we hope that our graduates will be the owners of their own businesses


·  University

We plan to establish University of Al-Zaytun in the very near future (2003-2004), and we hope that the University of Al-Zaytun will become one of the prestigious and qualified University. Be it Nationally or Internationally, the University will be established in Lousiana USA

The University of Al-Zaytun (Al- Gamiah Al-Zaytun) degree programs will be designed to meet the global aspect of life needs. Graduates of Al-Zaytun University should be able to implement their own knowledge in their own field of real life, professionally or academically

The following wide range of courses in all levels, will be offered by The University of Al-Zaytun:

·       Middle East and Islamic Studies

·       Education

·       Social Sciences

·       Applied Sciences

·       Business

·       Management

·       Economics

·       Agriculture

·       Engineering

·       Medicine and Nursing                                          


To ensure the succeed of the above program, we planned to send our staffs and teachers to upgrade their qualification at International Universities or Colleges, in USA,Canada,United Kingdom,Australia,New Zealand, Middle East, in Postgraduate and Doctoral levels. The field of studies will be undertaken is :

a.      Islamic studies

b.     Education

c.      Education Management

d.     Agriculture

e.      Human Resources management

f.       Economics

g.      Business

h.      Applied Sciences

i.       Language

·      The Institute of Languages

The Institute of Languages Ma’had Al-Zaytun offers a wide range of languages courses  :

Ma’had Al-Zaytun currently  is registered approval centers and membership of the following  accreditation bodies :

  1. Pitman Qualification

  2. AQA

  3. Trinity College

  4. London College Of Management


  6. Oxford Language Center

  7. IARC Australia

  8. ACCA


·    Distance Learning

Ma’had Al-Zaytun planned to run Distance Learning program in several field of studies, to help mature students through Indonesia to upgrade their qualification for their professional life needs.

To succeed this program we are in position of seeking International partnership on franchise basis, Universities or Colleges, which are experienced and specialized in Distance learning

The Distance learning program will be operated by Education Counseling services division, the degree offered by the distance learning is  Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral, and the field of studies  are  Business, Management, Economics, Islamic studies and Agriculture

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